OPT Job Scam could get you Deported!

OPT jobs USA based and seemingly too good to be true have been offered to many students around the USA. Tragically, they have been just that, too good to be true. Thousands of students who thought they had achieved the dream of meeting h1b visa requirements and achieving the coveted EAD documents they have been seeking have sadly been scammed As a result, they will be deported and go home early after all of their hard work. As a student seeking OPT USA jobs, you have to be careful. It's perfectly understandable to fall for cruel scams like when you are desperate for an entry-level OPT job, but sadly for many students, the authorities will not see it that way.

What's the Big Opt Job Fraud Scam?

Many companies have reached the top in offering opportunities in OPT jobs for international students who desperately need them, but not all of them are the real deal. Amazon OPT jobs, for example, are quite common and very authentic, but some companies are not so well-intentioned. A few of them have been caught advertising jobs that will afford the international student EAD OPT job authorization in exchange for a fee, sometimes small, sometimes great. The scam was first exposed when this list of companies offering EAD documents for OPT jobs. Even worse, the receiver of his EAD document authorization will often experience what they think is an OPT job gap they are afraid won't be filled, and try to earn their way in between by working under the table or for companies like Uber. Unfortunately, what they do not realize is that while they may believe they are working opt freelance jobs or opt contract jobs, they may be working illegally.


Suspicion was first aroused when certain companies with little track record seemed to be offering OPT jobs for international students in surprisingly high numbers. Thousands of students on F1 visa status may have believed they had the h1 visa requirements finally after receiving their EAD documents. Still, little do they know they were involved in a conspiracy to commit visa fraud.

Sadly, the student will bear just as much blame for it, so every student needs to stay safe.

Look out for that are Lying to OPT Job Seekers

Many American companies operating under fake names and fake pretenses are scamming people all over the country, students seeking entry-level OPT jobs or great are no exception. A major scam recently came to light involving at least two major shell companies that are exploiting those seeking OPT student jobs. They would essentially charge you a hefty amount of money for EAD documents. Once the student accepts them, they will believe they are authorized to work in the United States but never actually receive an authentic opt visa job.

Tragically when the students are caught, they are deported and stripped of all their hard work, all of their dreams, and any possibility of obtaining authentic EAD documents. Two of these companies included AZTech and Integra Technologies. Unfortunately, many scammers on the web are looking to ruin your dream of obtaining USA OPT jobs, and may even land you in serious trouble.

All of these companies may not be listed, but they're popping up all the time and waiting to prey on the weak and the ignorant. It is critical first and foremost to arm yourself with knowledge, first by learning how to avoid general opt job and recruiting scams. You should also do thorough research on any company claiming to offer you OPT job opportunities, especially too easily.

You should start by visiting the better business bureau to see if they're the real deal, but even if they don't show up and still seem suspicious, you should considering contacting the bureau. At the very least, you should check extensive reviews and deeply examine the online presence of the prospective company.

Is This Entry Level OPT Job Too Good to Be True

You may have heard the old expression, "If something seems too good to be true, it probably is" this is not by any means to say that you should doubt yourself, but always second-guess an opportunity when it seems like it's just that. If any entry-level opt job for international students seems like paying too much or offering too sweet of a deal, you should question. This will involve knowing your industry and knowing what entry-level OPT jobs actually pay in your industry, especially as an F-1 visa recipient. Always do your research and stay safe.

Never Pay for the OPT Job Acceptance letter.

If an employer for OPT jobs is offering you an EAD document, job acceptance letter, or some kind of official work authorization that requires you pay upfront, it's probably a scam. First, you will never have to pay a recruiter. Recruiters fees in the U.S should generally be paid by the client, meaning your OPT job employer. Secondly, they cannot and will not charge you for an official document they're required to file for by law in order to hire you.

Don't Be in a Rush

Technically, yes, the law is that you must receive your acceptance letter 90 days after graduation. However, USCIS can be one of the most generous agencies in the world if you try to do the right thing. Stay in close communication with them as you search for an opt job, and they are generally willing to extend your deadline for work authorization.

If you rush the process by paying for a potentially fake EAD document or acceptance letter, you may be risking more serious charges.

OPT Freelance Jobs in the Gig Economy? Think Again

If you are meeting H-1B visa requirements by obtaining OPT visa jobs, you're doing a job that most Americans can't do. You can find OPT computer science jobs, OPT jobs for data entry, engineering, and a wide range of technical skills. Your EAD documents allow you to work for one employer on an OPT job contract for a specified term. It doesn't allow you to work outside of this employer, much less to drive for Uber or deliver for DoorDash. Technically this will not meet the H-1B visa requirements, and your OPT visa job privileges will possibly be revoked.

The way they see it, these are OPT jobs for international students with specialized skills to gain experience in their field. If you're working what you think is an OPT freelance job or working under the table, you are potentially taking work from Americans. This is how they will see it, and it is not the intention of the H1-B visa program.

If you truly believe in your heart, you think you're really allowed to do the job, at least consult an immigration attorney first.

Working With Someone You Can Trust

The best way you can avoid scams for OPT jobs is by working with reputable companies with your best interest in mind. You need someone who has your back when you're seeking OPT entry-level jobs for the first time. Someone who's been down the same road before and knows all the pitfalls. Not only that but someone who gets it first hand.

Our company is run by former F-1 students and OPT entry-level job seekers themselves who know exactly how it feels to be in your position. You won't just find OPT jobs for international students but OPT jobs, training, and placement for students in every industry. We connect you with reputable companies offering CPT and OPT jobs in the USA.

More importantly, we know how hard it can be, especially for entry-level OPT job seekers, so we offer mentorship and guidance. We've love for you to contact us with any questions.

We can even help you with a job that helps you meet H1-B visa requirements with companies that treat their people well, offer great opportunities, and are 100% authentic.

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